Nic and I started taking photos together in High School, and boy, oh boy... we have been meaning to 'collaborate' properly for such a long time. It was finally the right time to work on something together.

In High School, our group of friends would spend our lunchtimes in the Media Rooms, working on our creative folios. We had a very close-knit way of working, and ever since we were teens, we have been working on little projects together. 

We were planning on collaborating together last year, during my Grad Year at PSC, but Nic spent a semester in Paris studying... (amazing), so our plans were put on halt. Last Friday, we got access to a remarkable rooftop at RMIT, Nic organised a team, and we had so much fun, the security guard phenomenally let us shoot on the Industrial roof.... magic. 

I hope you like this 'New York' inspired short story.

Team Credits:
Concept/Designs/Direction: Nic Malishev
Photographer: Cassandra Tzortzoglou
Model: Sara Salmeron
MU/Hair: Zoe Crawford

Love C x

Nic - Preview-45.jpg